"Discover how to bring in swarms of New Patients who are ready and excited to start care!"

This assessment is going to help you discover where you are in terms of speaking and will score you based on a number of different factors. You will instantly receive an e-mail letting you know your score and if you qualified for a session with one of our Speak and Get Coaches.


“Imagine having a steady flow of new patients who not only sign up for a first exam, but show up AND are excited to start care!”

Dear Doc,

Is this happening to you?

  • You are tired of using multiple marketing tactics that bring in little to no results. You are ready to use a proven step-by-step process and ready to fill your marketing calendar with events that will bring in as many patients as you can handle.
  • You’d rather spend your time treating patients than on marketing. You went to school to become a doctor, not a marketer, and are ready to start being one!
  • You want a low cost or no cost marketing tool you can count on. You’ve spent 1000s or tens of thousands of dollars on marketing tools that have brought little to no clients. Or, maybe they bring in clients but you want something that improves your bottom line and lowers your overhead.
  • You want more time for your personal life (family, friends, hobbies). Your nights and weekends are filled with marketing events, so much so that it has become a strain on your personal or family life. Marketing events that can be done during the weekDAY are much more appealing.
  • You’d like to be excited to go to work each dayYou want to have fun, feel confident, and energized about your practice and your life. You are a chiropractor because you love treating and working with patients. However, the day-to-day grind of trying to bring patients in the door is stealing your energy and your excitement.
  • You’d like to be seen as the expert you really are and bring your gift into the world. You have so much knowledge, value expertise, and you’re a great doctor! But too few people out there know this. You’re ready to play a bigger game and serve more people.
  • You are sick of spending hours and dollars trying to bring patients in one at a time. You want a more leveraged system were you can have several people sign up for an exam at once. It’s fun to talk one-on-one with potential clients, but they only get to hear what you have to say for 5-10 minutes and you’ve only talked to one person. Imagine talking for an entire hour to several people.
  • You are sick and tired of your patients telling you how much you’ve helped them yet your PVA stays the same month after month. You are thrilled when you hear how much you’ve helped a patient but you don’t want to be kept a secret. And, despite your best efforts of getting the word out, you’re still a secret to most people.
  • You want to grow your practice and make more MONEY!  You’re ready to be the next big success story. You’ve heard of other chiropractors doubling their practices over night or within months, but you don’t see the possibility for you.

GREAT news: you are in the RIGHT place!

My name is Becky Hanson, I am a chiropractor and I am living my dream.

However, for two years in our chiropractic practice, we were struggling. We even sat down and made our dreaded plan B of closing the clinic. We would go into talks feeling very discourage and drained of our energy and only closed about 0-10% of the room.  We spent more time on marketing then anything else and at the end of the day we still spent time worrying about where our patients would come from.

And then it happened…

I literally doubled my practice overnight from 50-100 patients per week and now have more time for my family and my two-year-old boy. I have more time to do what I enjoy and love rather than spending endless hours at my desk or at marketing events. This has allowed me to look at a marketing calendar and be confident where my patients are coming from and has taken stress and worry off of my shoulders. Honestly, it has given me more confidence in every aspect of my life.

What changed for me?  Here it is…

Here is how you can grow your practice and help more people by learning how to effectively use the lowest cost and most highly leveraged marketing tool available…PUBLIC SPEAKING.

You can STILL make BIG money and bring in a TON of new patients from public speaking! And the best part is…it’s fun!

This Program is for you if:

  •  You feel like you have to switch from education mode to sales mode at the end of the presentation. Worse, you can’t figure out a good way to make that transition or you are nervous about making that transition so you rush through it. Most of the time the audience isn’t even sure of what you are offering, so they walk out and take a business card.
  • You are afraid to come off “salesy” in presentations. You don’t want to feel like a used car salesman or you feel like this might not be an appropriate place to sell. However, you are speaking because you want to bring more patients into your office and generate more income.
  • You like to walk out of a talk with new patient exams on the books. You’ve heard talks can be great to bring in new patients, but you have yet to see it, or you want to bring in even more. Knowing each talk to go into will produce new patients on the book is a huge confidence booster.

In fact, public speaking is the QUICKEST, LEAST EXPENSIVE, and BEST way to:

  • Leverage yourself– Getting in front of a group, for an hour, as an expert is leverage! Talking one-on-one with people over and over about the same thing (screenings or one-on-one meetings) is not.
  • Make an impact on your community while growing your practice. You just educated a room full of people on how to live healthier. And, at the same time, signed up more new patients.
  • Attract more clients and grow your practice! Not only will the people from your talk be coming into your office, but you will have inspired them to bring in their family and refer their friends.
  • Create amazing talks you can use time and time again.
  • Create a HUGE ROI with a very small marketing budget! Our ROI has literally been as high as 25,000!!!
  • Build a successful business around YOUR values, family and life…NOT the other way around. Yes, some businesses require more time marketing then on what they are selling, but chiropractic should not be one of them.

But there is a caveat to all of this. It’s easy to say, “I’m going to give more talks to get more patients.” However, it’s not as easy to get these kind of results. Many people struggle with not knowing exactly what to do during the talks to yield the best results. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can EASILY waste hundreds of hours (and dollars) with nothing to show for it.

Bottom line, in order to get great results you HAVE to speak effectively. It’s not about dumping content on people and thinking they will “get it.” It’s knowing how to structure your talk in a way that engages the audience and motivates them to take action.

Hi, I’m Dierdre Van Nest and my passion is to eradicate boring speeches from the face of the planet!

I help chiropractors use speaking to grow their practices. Three things qualify me to do this. First, I am a professional speaker, which means companies hire me to come and give trainings via speaking. Second, I use speaking to grow my own practice. Third, I was trained by one of the best speakers in the world, Craig Valentine, as one of his World Class Speaking™ coaches.

I have worked with 1000’s of people to help them grow their businesses through speaking more effectively. I have worked everywhere from one-on-one with clients, to small groups, as well as fortune 500 companies. Even in one of the hardest economic times, I am seeing my clients grow their practices by using effective public speaking.

So, effective public speaking is crucial to your success.  But it’s not the only piece. You ALSO need to:

  • Know how to make an enticing offer. I hear it time and time again, “I don’t want to feel like a sales person towards the end.” I have yet to find a chiropractor that feels comfortable about this piece without knowing the secret to making their audience want what they have to offer.

We have Speak and Get Patients™ down to a science. We have tested and re-tested what works and what doesn’t work, where to start, and we know EXACTLY what needs to be done in order to get the BEST results.

There are pieces that are VITAL to successful talks – and you may be stepping over them because they don’t seem that important!

You see, you might be wondering why you haven’t been that success story of closing a large percentage of the room time and time again, but it’s not your fault. You most likely didn’t have the entire system together. You got pieces here and there, but there was no one central spot to get every vital piece you need. For instance:

  • Will you learn how to get prospective patients on the books easily, every time?
  • Will you will learn how to craft an effective presentation and get those prospective patients to schedule a new patient exam on the spot?
  • Will you learn how to put together an enticing offer that your audience will want before you even close your talk?
  • Will you be taught how to deliver that talk in a way that will inspire your audience to take action?
  • Will you be taught a “step-by-step” system on EVERYTHING ABOVE so you can EASILY duplicate and get RESULTS in YOUR business? (Not to mention getting your hands on a PROVEN system to grow your business while loving your life? Truly!)

It’s CRUCIAL you get all the pieces, because if you don’t, chances are you’re not going to get that new patient sign-up success story time and time again.

You’re about to get our ENTIRE, STEP-BY-STEP system on creating a constant flow of new patients who are excited to sign up for care SIMPLY by using public speaking.

“The Speak and Get Patients ‘Practice Growing’ System™”

Take the Speaking Assessment 


You will learn our easy to follow, proven, step-by-step plan which teaches you EXACTLY how to have a full marketing calendar during weekday daytime hours, have a schedule full of new patients who are excited to start care, and ultimately make more money…FAST.

Whether you have yet to give your first talk or you are out in your community speaking, you’ll discover strategies and tips designed to help you create those World Class Talks again and again. All you need to do is follow our step-by step blueprint to see these results in YOUR practice.

This system is working right NOW and is not, nor will it ever be, outdated. Public speaking has been a PROVEN system for many years and other tools cannot make up for what public speaking provides. A lot of the marketing tools and systems haven’t worked for years, yet there are people out there telling you to use them. After all, you already know things have changed. What used no work no longer produces the same results. That’s why you need a PROVEN system that is current with the times.

Here is a GLIMPSE of what you’ll uncover when you dive into this system:


1. Structure your content to keep your audience engaged rather than thinking about what’s for dinner or secretly texting under the table.

If you’ve ever sat down to your computer or with a piece of paper and thought, “I don’t know where to begin,” then you’re in the right place.

In this module you will learn:

  • The 9-step World Class Speech Creation Model™. If you have a talk that is all over the place it will be harder to convert your audience. This is the same formula the Pros use to write their talks and wow their audiences.
  • How to make sure your content is engaging, inspiring, and memorable, so when you go to make your offer people will want to work with you.
  • A fool-proof way for figuring out How many points you should have in every talk. You will also learn what to include and what to leave out in each point. This will help you craft your talk and make the writing process easier.
  • and MORE!

  • CONTENT CREATION MAXIMIZER: The PAR formula-This formula will keep your presentation and your audience alive no matter how long you are speaking.

I always wanted to give more talks, but I really didn’t know how to make a great presentation. So for me I have especially loved the step-by-step process each class goes through. They show you how to exactly lay out your talk so that they are successful and get you the outcome that you want.
Dr. Eric Schmitt


2. Connect with your audience emotionally so they are EXCITED to work with you.

Research shows people buy first on emotions and back their decision up with logic. It is not enough to dump content on people, if you don’t get them emotionally engaged during your presentation they will be unlikely to want what you have to offer.

The SECRET to making an offer during the talk is to not use the last 5 minutes to make the offer. Instead, you will learn how to create a hunger from the very start for what you are going to offer.

In this module you will learn:

  • Learn how to use language that will invite your audience to buy into your offer.
  • Learn the formula for tapping into the emotions that will get your audience to want to work with you.
  • Our secret weapon to closing 25-100% of the room. You will learn how to sell without annoying people. Your audience will want what you have to offer before you even tell them what your offer is.
  • Story telling is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience and get them hungry for your offer.  Learn one of the most powerful story telling formulas, The Then, Now,  and How FormulaTM. This can be used in any sales situation (group, one-on-one, report of findings). This formula will allow you to connect more quickly and deeply with prospects so you can help more people and make more money.


  • EMOTIONAL CONNECTION MAXIMIZER: The EDGE formula for selling. This formula will teach you how t to hit the emotional hot button of almost everyone in your audience. If you don’t use this, you may not connect with certain groups of people.
 “I have learned A LOT about what to do and what not to do…”

I would like to say that throughout these past modules I have learned A LOT about what to do and what not to do with speaking. Everything that has been taught has been exceptional and I plan on implementing all these fantastic tools into developing my talks and pursuing businesses to talk at. I especially liked last weeks and this weeks modules and I can’t wait to give my first talk!

Dr. Mark Olson
3.  Make an invitation to work with you without feeling or sounding like you’re in sales mode.

If you have ever given a talk you know the feeling. All of a sudden you start to think you sound like a used car sales man at the end. SO, instead of doing that you either apologetically and quickly make an offer or you “don’t have enough time” to make your offer. But the truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way if you know the formula.

In this module you will learn:

  • How and why to give the exact next step. This is the difference between them wanting your offer and “asking for your card.” You will get the exact language we use to convert 25-100% of the room (our average is 75%).
  • What to say at the beginning of your talk so that your talk isn’t 1 part education and 1 part sales.
  • Where to put your offer and where to put your close (it’s not where you think!).
  • How to get them to sign up on the spot for a New Patient Exam.
  • The one mindset shift that will set you free from feeling or sounding salesy
  • SPEAKING GIG MAXIMIZER– How to use this speaking gig as a lead collector for future gigs and prospects who are not ready yet.


I have personally been speaking and teaching in a variety of capacities for at least 20-25 years. Apart from this being somewhat of a natural gift for me, I have taken several different types of classes to improve. Having said all that, this is one of the best programs I have ever taken. The strategies are outstanding and are taught in a very concise format. Everything is laid out and done for you. I am absolutely thrilled with the information I have gained so far. Thanks soooooo much!!!!!
Dr. Neal Rich

4. How to get your audience hooked from the first words out of your mouth and motivate them to take action with your close.

You know the old adage, ” Don’t judge a book by it’s cover?” Well, unfortunately people do. In a talk, your opening is your cover and if your opening is weak then your audience will assume the rest of your talk is weak too. In the same way, you want people to remember you when they leave your presentation. If you don’t close with impact your message might be lost.

Take the guesswork out of the “BEST” way to open and close. The module is packed full of little know secrets and tips to get your audience “hooked” and want what you have to offer.

In this module you will learn:

•How to command any speaking situation by hooking your audience from the first words out of your mouth.   Your first 5-30 seconds of your talk will determine whether your audience will hang on your every word, or tune you out.

•The little known formula that is sure to set you apart from other professionals speaking on the same topic.  By using this formula you will be the speaker that connects quickly and easily with your audience.

•How to close with IMPACT. One of the most important parts of your talk is how you close. Most presenters do this the wrong way. The right close can make the difference between you being forgettable or repeatable.


  • CREATE A KILLER OPENING MAXIMIZER: The exact blueprint that takes the guess work out of creating an opening that will get them hooked.

“I’m learning so much about how to create “hunger” and the desire for more information and what that means for people to utilize my expertise. The tips you ladies present are so simple and “palm to face” but I wouldn’t have known to implement these if it hadn’t been for you! ”
Dr. Angie Graper



5. Avoid These Presentation Killers

Did you know that right at this very moment people are dying in presentations all over the world?  The weapon? Power Point!  Don’t perpetrate this hideous crime! If you are reading off the power point to the point where you are boring yourself this module is for you.

How many times has this happened to you? You give your talk and you have just given your audience great information. You close your talk, and at the very end, you ask for questions. A few people ask questions, but one in particular completely throws off the talk. And NOW your talk is DONE. The last thing the audience remembers is not your offer or great info, it’s the question in the audience.

In this module you will learn:

•The right way to do power point vs. the criminal way to do power point. How many times have you sat down and worked countless hours on the “perfect powerpoint.” STOP doing that! Find out how to give a more effective talk using ZERO power point or at the most 5-6 pages.

•How to structure a successful Q. and A. Don’t let someone in your audience  get off topic and confuse the rest of the room. Make sure you have the last word are the last person the audience is thinking of when they leave you talk.

  • POWER POINT and Q. and A. MAXIMIZER – You will recieve samples of actual slides that enhance the presentation as apposed to slides that bore people to tears. You will also have everything you need to effectively manage Q. and A. so your audience doesn’t run away with your talk.

Demystifying the science of speaking; that’s what this step by step class has to offer. I’ve always enjoyed hitting homeruns during my years playing ball but felt like I have had to settle for base hits at best with my talks and didn’t know why or how to change that. I feel like I’m getting the tools to hit some talks out of the park. Batter up!”
Dr. Stephen Kramer

You will have the opportunity to ask any questions that you have had along the way. You have started your talk, made your calls and now this is your chance to ask any questions where you feel you might be stuck OR share what has worked for you. Of course we are here to answer any questions you have along the way on the forum, but this is a great chance to all come together with our questions. We are in this together!

You may be wondering, “How EXACTLY am I going to learn how to…”

  • Maximize new patient signs ups with my invitation.
  • Master my speaking skills to keep my audience hooked.
  • Structure my content in a way that is clear, memorable, and engaging.
  • Tell stories that provoke an emotional response.
  • Create a successful Q. and A. session so my audience doesn’t have the last word.
  • Deliver with impact, so I am seen as the expert.

so I can consistently get out and make an impact in my community while growing my practice?”

Great question!

This is how…

We’ve created this training to go deep in all the pieces you will need to get started right away. We won’t leave you hanging to figure it out on your own.

In fact, we will be here to answer any questions you have throughout the entire program. It is not a program where you pay and then struggle to ask the creator or experts questions.

We are here to help you grow your practice and enhance your ability to serve more people.

So, how does it all work?:

You’ll be sent, via e-mail, an invitation to join our online members’ only area. All trainings, recordings of the calls, worksheets, scripts, templates and more will be posted here. You can access this area at any time during the training. Everything will be downloadable, so you will have the ability to save everything from this course.



Begin with the END in mind.

In order to not feel like your presentation is 1- part education and 1-part sales you MUST began with the end in mind. This means, that the topic you present on and the invitation you use to work with you MUST be clearly connected. This will start creating excitement for your offer from the first words out of your mouth. This is a critical step missed by most presenters.

  • TOPIC IDENTIFICATION MAXIMIZER– As soon as you register you will recieve a training audio and worksheet to get started.

BONUS MODULE: Learn little known delivery tips that will help you deliver with impact and be seen as the expert you are.



  • 5 60-90 minute tele-class training calls. These calla are recorded. (So you can listen to review)
  • 1 Q & A call that is recorded.
  • Bonus Module-Began with the End in mind.
  • Bonus Module on Delivery Techniques.
  • Each module will come with World Class Speaking™ templates to create your talk. The templates can be used over and over again to create impactful presentations.
  • There are over 45 Templates!
  • ….AND MORE!!

The best way to know if this program is for you is to apply for a complimentary

“Speak and Get Patients™ Strategy Session.”


From our strategy session you will know the next step you need to take in order to take yourself and your business to the next level through speaking.

To apply for your free session take the Speaking Assessment by clicking here and fill out the application. Once you submit your application, you will instantly receive an e-mail letting you know your score and if you qualified for a session with one of our Speak and Get Patients Coaches. I do have a favor to ask, however. We have a limited number of sessions open each month, so please only submit an application if you intend to schedule and show up for your session.



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